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The Novelty Metal Sign is a versatile and personalized accessory that allows you to express your style and individuality. Its enduring design is fortified by premium materials, ensuring long-lasting quality. With customizable high-quality stickers and a variety of sizes, designs, and cutouts to choose from, you have the creative freedom to make this sign uniquely yours. Whether you choose to display it in your home, office, as a gift, or as a collectible, the Novelty Metal Sign is the ideal choice for those who seek classic design with a touch of personalization in their accessories.

  • The Only Thing Better Dad Papa Metal Novelty Parking Sign

    The Only Thing Better Dad Papa Metal Novelty Parking Sign

  • Route 66 Highway Shield Metal Sign

    Route 66 Sunset Highway Shield Metal Sign

  • Property Of Confederate States Metal Novelty Parking Sign

    Property Of Confederate States Metal Novelty Parking Sign

  • Confederate Way Metal Novelty Street Sign

    Confederate Way Metal Novelty Street Sign

  • Confederate Flag Metal Novelty Parking Sign

    Confederate Flag Metal Novelty Parking Sign

  • Route 66 Mother Road Highway Shield Metal Sign

    Route 66 Mother Road Highway Shield Metal Sign

  • Confederate Flag Novelty Metal Circular Sign C-500

    Confederate Flag Novelty Metal Circular Sign

  • Route 66 American Vintage Metal Novelty Highway Shield Sign

    Route 66 American Vintage Metal Novelty Highway Shield Sign

  • White Dye Sublimation Octagon Metal Novelty Stop Sign BS-000
    Add to Cart The item has been added

    White Dye Sublimation Octagon Metal Novelty Stop Sign BS-000

  • Route 66 Vintage Highway Shield Metal Sign

    Route 66 Vintage Highway Shield Metal Sign

  • American Rebel Novelty Metal Street Sign

    American Rebel Novelty Metal Street Sign

  • Broom Parking Only Metal Novelty Stop Sign
    Add to Cart The item has been added

    Broom Parking Only Metal Novelty Stop Sign BS-382

  • Assholes Garage Novelty Metal Street Sign

    Assholes Garage Novelty Metal Street Sign

  • Route 66 States Novelty Metal Circular Sign C-481

    Route 66 States Novelty Metal Circular Sign

  • Firefighter Novelty Metal Circular Sign C-484

    Firefighter Novelty Metal Circular Sign


Novelty Signs, Tin Signs, and Metal Signs

When people ask, “Hey, what’s your sign?” they’re normally referring to your horoscope. But after you’ve shopped for custom novelty metal signs at Smart Blonde, you’ll get that question whenever someone steps into your den, man-cave, or she-shed and points to the signs on your wall.

You’ll be able to respond by saying, “Oh, you mean these fine-crafted novelty tin signs? Why, I got them from the intelligent and attractive people at” Your guest will then be extremely impressed, and we’ll be highly flattered — everybody wins.

In all seriousness, you really should consider hanging our aluminum and magnetic novelty signs on your wall. They can be a fun and whimsical way to personalize your space.

This leads to the most important question: what are your interests? No matter what hobbies, endeavors, occupations, or obsessions you engage in, you can find novelty signs that feature cool graphics of the things you’re most passionate about.

Our Novelty Sign Collection

With an expansive variety of shapes, sizes, and subjects, you won’t have to browse Smart Blonde’s novelty tin signs long before you find the perfect one (or ones) for you. What are your choices?

Arrow Signs

Ah, yes, arrows, the universal method of telling people to “go that way.” And what better way to communicate to others that something interesting or desirable is “over there” than with a novelty arrow sign?

Perhaps you want to provide directions toward margaritas, the theater, or the state of Oklahoma. There is literally no better way than with these signs.

Bottle Cap Signs

Collecting bottle caps is cool and all, but they’re so darn small. Wouldn’t it be better to have 12” diameter bottle caps? Not only would that make beverages more interesting, but they’d be more fun to display. Conveniently enough, that’s exactly how big our bottle cap signs are, and they have all sorts of neat designs to fit your unique decor.


This shape is one of the rounder ones. In fact, it’s the very definition of round. Depending on how you’re going to use one of our circular signs, you might want it in a specific size. Don’t worry: we carry several.


Usually, this shape is reserved to convey “Warning!” or “Crossing!” or “Hey, we just need your attention for a moment!” messages. The ones we carry are traditional “lookit’ this” yellow for that extra bit of attention-grabbing goodness.

You can warn people of crossing aliens, rabbits, clowns, tanks, snowmobilers, and more. You can also get warnings, such as “School Bus Stop Ahead” or “ Caution, Blondes Thinking.”

Highway Shield

Don’t go and steal a highway shield; people need those to navigate. Our aluminum highway shield-shaped novelty tin signs can look almost like the real thing or contain cool, original images. Either way, the sign has that unmistakable highway shield shape.

Mason Jar

Do you need some down-home country charm? If so, hang a sign shaped like the classic mason jar. What kind of messages can you get with our mason jar signs, though? “Cute ones” is the answer. Expect mason jar signs featuring:

  1. Itty-bitty kitty cats
  2. Bigfoot
  3. States
  4. So many more options than your imagination will allow

Our mason jar signs come with 8” strings for easy hanging.

Octagon Stop Sign

With 8 sides, our octagon novelty tin signs have just as many sides as the real thing. The sides are even the right length and orientation. Depending on your preferences, you can get just a regular ol’ STOP sign, or you can select from more unique designs, such as “STOP, Zombies Next 5 Miles” or “Official Bigfoot Hunter.”

Parking Sign

Available in a variety of sizes, including the correct size and proportion of a real parking sign, these novelty signs are some of our most popular. You can get parking signs oriented vertically or horizontally, depending on the subject.

If it’s a serious, useful parking sign that you’re looking for, look no further than Smart Blonde because we make them. That said, if you’re looking for one with a little more personality, there’s no shortage of topics to choose from.

Spark Plug

What’s better for a garage than a sign shaped like a spark plug? The answer, of course, is multiple signs shaped like spark plugs. At Smart Blonde, you can choose from several cool designs to give your car’s home the right aesthetic.

Square Signs

Here’s a good one for you: why do they say “be there or be square”? Because you’re not “around” — ha! Anyway, you can get our square signs in one of two sizes and in just about any subject you can think of. Yes, even that one.

Street Sign

Do you want novelty metal signs in the shape of a candy bar? In that case, you’re looking for a street sign. And wouldn’t you know it, these signs are sized and shaped just like the real thing — unless you get the small or miniature size, in which case they’re smaller.

Now, don’t think the graphics are limited to street sign designs. There is also a plethora of unique and whimsy-filled sayings and images. You can even get the 18”x4” street signs mounted on wood.


If your idea of a good time is riding waves, your personal signage should look like it agrees with you. Our surfboard signs are perfectly sized for walls, whether you get the standard or the mini option. They are also available with vertical and horizontal formatting.


Remember: don’t actually use these wrench signs as wrenches. They’re solely meant to be decorative. That said, they’re perfect if you want novelty signs shaped like wrenches that read, “Can’t Fix Stupid” or “Warning, Auto Mechanic With an Attitude.”

6”x12” Signs

The same size as an American car license plate, these rectangular signs have a 2”x3” slot for inserting your favorite picture.

Material & Sizes

Though they’re often referred to as “novelty tin signs,” all of Smart Blonde’s signs are made from .025-grade aluminum. This is a sturdy, lightweight material perfect for decorative hanging and actual, real-world use. What’s more is you can get most of our signs in mini versions with magnets, allowing you to stick ‘em on fridges and other magnetic surfaces.

Available Sizes by Shape

Each sign comes with its own size options.


  1. 8”x2.25” Mini Magnet Sign
  2. 17”x5” Standard Arrow Sign
  3. 23”x6.75” Large Arrow Sign

Bottle Cap:

  1. 12” Round Bottle Cap Sign


  1. 3.5” Circle Coaster (Set of 4)
  2. 3.5” Mini Circle Magnet
  3. 8” Small Circle Sign
  4. 12” Circle Sign

Crossing Sign:

  1. 8.5” Mini Crossing Sign
  2. 16.5” Crossing Sign

Highway Shield:

  1. 5” Mini Highway Magnet Sign
  2. 12” Highway Sign

Mason Jar:

  1. 4”x8” Mason Jar Sign


  1. 12”x12” Octagon Stop Sign

Parking Sign:

  1. 4.5”x6” Mini Parking Sign
  2. 9”x12” Parking Sign
  3. 12”x18” Large Parking Sign

Spark Plug:

  1. 6”x17” Spark Plug Sign


  1. 6” Mini Square Sign
  2. 12” Square Sign

Street Sign:

  1. 12”x3” Mini Street Sign
  2. 18”x4” Small Street Sign (also available mounted on wood)
  3. 24”x5” Large Street Sign


  1. 8”x2” Surfboard Magnet Sign
  2. 17”x4” Surfboard Sign
  3. 23”x5.75” Large Surfboard Sign


  1. 17”x5”

You can probably guess what size the 6”x12” signs are.

Why Order Novelty Signs from Smart Blonde?

Aside from the fact that your purchases keep us employed, there are some seriously awesome benefits for you:

1. We Make Our Products in the USA

Yup, everything we manufacture has been made by your friends and neighbors right here in the U.S. All your dollars go to helping the American economy.

2. Your Orders Are Processed and Shipped Fast

Your order will be out the door and on its way to you within 24 to 48 hours of purchase — yes, even customized orders.

3. Free Shipping

Most orders within the US qualify for free shipping.

Review after review and testimonial after testimonial attest to the fact that our signs are epically awesome. From the responsive, friendly, effective customer service that makes problems and order kerfuffles disappear to Smart Blonde signs’ demonstrable durability and quality, customers keep coming back for more.

Are you ready to spruce up your boring walls? That’s what Smart Blonde is here for. Check out our unbeatable variety of novelty metal signs and order today.