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Are you tired of giving the same old gifts? It’s time to think outside the box and explore unique gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression. Novelty items and unique personalized gifts are the answer to your present-giving dilemmas.

Choose from a range of aluminum signs and novelty products. Our quick transactions and fast shipping direct from our own manufacturing facility ensures you get the best service.

Check out our signs, license plates and shop stickers now by clicking on the buttons below.

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Most Popular Products

Custom Novelty License Plates and Custom Tin Signs

You’ve searched and searched and finally cried out, “just give me a sign!” Don’t worry; Smart Blonde heard you. Whether it’s the bumper of your car, the side of your camper, the corner of your yard, or the wall of your garage. There’s nothing like custom novelty license plates or personalized tin signs to make your space more fun.

Your Sign, Your Message

They’re more than a novelty; they’re a great way to express yourself. Custom tin signs and license plates also make excellent gifts. They show you know the recipient’s personality well! So you have to ask yourself two questions before you buy:

  1. What’s the message I want?
  2. Where am I going to put my new sign or license plate?

Let’s go over each of the products to help you make the best decision.

The Coolest License Plates

The best way to choose your custom novelty license plate is by application. That will help you pick the right size:

  1. Car: 6”x12”
  2. Motorcycle, Golf Cart, Scooter, ATV: 4”x7”
  3. Bicycle, Wheelchair, Walker: 3”x6”
  4. Decoration, Ornament: 2.2”x4”

Want to put your novelty plate onto the fridge or a toolbox? Your best choice is the 2.2”x4” with an added magnetic strip.

Once you’ve picked out which size you want, you can select the plate design you prefer. There are dozens of categories for every possible interest. With plates for racing fans, firefighters, cowboy and western riders, beach lovers, and even bigfoot.

Here Are Your Signs

The great thing about novelty tin signs is that you can get them in practically any shape.

  • Want a surfboard? We’ve got it!
  • How about the state outline of Tennessee? No problem.
  • A spark plug? Thought you’d never ask.

We also have signs shaped like arrows, surfboards, bottle caps, mason jars, bears, flip flops, wrenches, and of course, circles, squares, and rectangles.

Our custom tin signs come with pre-drilled mounting holes. So you can hang yours with a wire or string or even just directly on the holes with a pair of nails. You can also use plate display stands or frames if that’s more your thing.

Want Something Even More Unique?

Scrolled through our stock designs and realized you want to create a license plate or custom aluminum sign that no one else has? Smart Blonde anticipated your need!

Custom Novelty License Plates

Maybe you’re a Photoshop wizard and love making your own designs. Or perhaps you’ve searched everywhere for the perfect license plate and come up empty.

Smart Blonde can make you as many custom novelty license plates as you want! Just go to our customizing tool and start creating. You can go about it in three different ways.

Use our assets. Use the design tool to pick from various stock backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Design your own unique novelty license plates effortlessly, eliminating the need to search for individual elements.

Use your artwork: If you have a design, picture, or logo, you can upload it into the license plate template tool. You can even make a design with the stock assets in the tool and combine them with some downloaded clipart, too. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

Use our expertise: Sometimes, you know what you want but can’t quite make it look right. That’s okay; our team will help you make your custom idea look exactly how you want.

When you’re sure the design looks how you want, we’ll make a proof. Checking the proof means everyone is sure it will be perfect once we produce the real thing.

Personalized Tin Signs

We don’t stop at offering custom novelty license plates; Smart Blonde also offers custom tin signs. You can select from some cool shapes, like highway shields, octagonal stop signs, street signs, circles, and parking signs.

These custom metal signs can be for fun and nothing more. But they’re also extremely useful when you need a durable, attractive sign for events and organizations like:

  1. Clubs
  2. Businesses
  3. Governments
  4. Fundraisers
  5. Charities
  6. Memorials
  7. Plays/movies

Hang your custom tin sign on the door of your man cave or mount it on a wall in front of the “employee of the month” parking spot. Enjoy high-quality, durable graphics that will stand up to harsh weather and the ravages of time.

There’s More than Just Signs and License Plates

You know, we at Smart Blonde like printing stuff. So, we didn’t stop at custom novelty license plates and custom tin signs.

Sticker Decals

Grab cool custom sticker decals for your car's bumper, water bottle, laptop, guitar case, or anything deserving a sticker. Choose from classic rectangular stickers or opt for fun shapes like bottle caps and mason jars, similar to our signs.

Sticker decals come in three to four sizes, depending on which design and shape you want. Popular sizes are:

  1. Small: 25% scale, 1.5”x3”
  2. Medium: 50% scale, 3”x6”
  3. Large: 75% scale, 4.5”x9”
  4. X-Large: 100% scale, 6”x12”

Yep, we can make stickers as big as license plates! These vinyl stickers apply and peel off easily with no residue left over when it’s time to switch out an old one.


Hey, that end table is hand-carved mahogany; don’t let beverages make rings on it! But just because you need coasters doesn’t mean they should be boring. All of Smart Blonde’s coaster sets come with four circular pieces that feature a cork backing. Our designs look great even with coffee stains on them.

Dog Tags

Express yourself on a smaller scale with a set of novelty dog tags. No need to make space on the wall for a big custom tin sign; our dog tags are the size of, well, dog tags. Each set comes with an 18” chain as well as a rubber outer guard, so they’re comfortable to keep in your pocket.


Hey, not everyone wants to deal with adhesives, and that’s okay. If you’ve got a magnetic surface that needs some personalization, why not go with a magnet instead of a sticker? Our magnets are made of aluminum for long life and have a magnetic strip on the back for quick and easy application.

Our magnets are available in cool shapes such as dog bones and surfboards. These are similar to the variety offered for our personalized tin signs. They are available in sizes ranging from 2”x3” rectangles up to 9” bones.


Keyrings are necessary but pretty boring. Yeah, it’s a set of keys, but can you make them look more interesting? What if they're in the lost-and-found, and you need to describe them quickly and accurately? Here’s the solution!

Our keychains come with metal key rings and are 3”x1.5”. Yes, you can get custom keychains made with graphics of your choice!

License Plate Strip Wood Signs

When even a vanity plate doesn’t offer enough customization, enter the license plate strip sign. Choose any phrase, name, or saying. We'll craft it from sliced-up license plates representing any or all 50 states and then mount it on wood.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Smart Blonde lets you choose from different kinds of plates offered by each state for even more customizability.

Get all letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, and just about all symbols. You can even get clip art and other add-ons! Mix and match and make the cool, rustic sign you’ve always wanted!

Wood Bordered Signs

Add some class to your signs by making them wood bordered! Our 4”x18” street signs are already really cool, but the coolness increases a whole bunch when they get mounted in a wood frame. Hang yours with a simple nail or a rope. It’s up to you.

Door Hangers

The great thing about door hangers is they work for introverts and extroverts alike. Want a message that invites people in and makes them feel welcome? Want to tell people to go away and mind their own business? There’s a door hanger for that.

Explore our range of professional hangers for offices. For home, man caves, she-sheds, and more, discover a variety of fun designs.


Sure, you could use an old receipt or fold the page corner, but where’s the fun in that? Wouldn’t you rather have a bookmark with a cool design? Plus, the bookmarks we offer are metal! How often do you get bookmarks that are sturdier than the books they mark?

These bookmarks are 6”x1.5” and feature pre-drilled holes in case you want to mount your bookmark as art. You could also add one of those tassels at the top to make your bookmark fancier.


These aren’t any old postcards; these are metal postcards. Yes, aluminum postcards, and they can be sent through the mail! They’re weather resistant and lightweight. You just need two stamps, and bam! Send ‘em where you want!


If you need a huge batch of signs for a business or retailer, we offer wholesale pricing. Get a smaller per-unit cost and price accordingly for resale. Your buyers will love the signs, and you’ll love how fast they sell!

Check out our wholesale catalog to see all your options. You can even get your custom signs tax-exempt if you have a valid certificate!

Dye Sublimation Blanks

Are you a DIY kind of person? Want to print a sign or plate yourself? Do you want to try some super cool arts and crafts projects? Prefer hand painting your signs on your own?

Our dye sublimation blanks are made from aluminum in the USA to be durable and weather resistant. Each one has pre-drilled holes in exactly the right place for simple mounting. This is your option for the ultimate in customization and personalization.


How do you want to mount your sign or license plate? We offer hex bolts and nuts for good old-fashioned solid mounting. But we also offer suction cups with hooks for easy and fast mounting to smooth, solid surfaces.

Personalizing Your Life with Smart Blonde

Everyone’s looking for more ways to express passions, thoughts, and interests to the world, and Smart Blonde makes that super easy.

Express yourself with custom license plates, personalized tin signs, keychains, dog tags, and postcards. No excuses!

Choose from our huge variety of designs with the filters on the left side of each page. You can select from categories like “music,” “political,” “trains,” and dozens more. No matter what you love, there’s a category for it.

Why Smart Blonde?

Great question! We have an answer! Lots of answers!

  1. Fast shipping
  2. Huge amount of customization
  3. Massive selection
  4. Top-notch customer service
  5. Impeccable quality
  6. Proudly made in the USA

We get orders out within 24 to 48 hours. This includes custom orders! And yes, we offer free shipping on most orders within the U.S.

For a novelty sign for an event, season, holiday, or gift, you want it to arrive fast and be well-made. Smart Blonde has garnered a reputation for satisfying customers time and time again.

Order from Us

We’d love to talk with you about crafting that custom sign or license plate you’ve dreamed of. Or if you don’t feel like chatting, that’s cool; you can order what you want from our website and never have to speak to a soul. Just know that Smart Blonde is here for you, and we make contacting us simple.

We believe in communication. So when you order from us, you’ll get a confirmation email and tracking number for your order. Your package will be packed safely, so you can be sure it’ll arrive undamaged.

Ready to personalize your space? Go for it! Order from Smart Blonde right away!

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