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Design Your Own Custom License Plate or Sign

Graphic of custom novelty license plates

Ready to up your gift-giving game? Our novelty items collection goes beyond the usual, providing varied designs and customization options. Make sure your gift stands out as truly one-of-a-kind. Raise your gifting experience with our selection of aluminum signs and unique gift ideas.

Personalized Custom License Plates and Metal Signs

Get your very own custom personalized license plate or sign today! Smart Blonde can create your gift for you in 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), meaning there's no excuse not to get one.

Build the perfect design that matches all of those unique attributes about yourself or someone special. We'll print them out just how YOU want em' with our easy online design tool. And voila: A great gift idea, made especially by YOU!

Personalized Custom License Plates and Metal Signs

Sometimes, a massive amount of options just isn’t enough.

At Smart Blonde, our custom products boast a fantastic variety of graphics. Yet, after browsing, you might still long for a more personal touch – perhaps a message on a personalized license plate. We get it; sometimes, the perfect sentiment requires a custom touch.

Explore our custom novelty license plates and signs. We deliver within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). No excuses – grab your custom license plate or sign today!

Craft a design reflecting unique qualities using our simple online tool. We print it exactly as you imagine. A personalized gift idea made by you! Let's dive into the details.

Sizes and Shapes for Custom Novelty License Plates and Signs

The journey to your very own personalized license plate or sign begins by choosing the exact size and shape you prefer.

1. License Plate Sizes

Our hardy, aluminum custom license plates are great for hanging on walls or mounting on your vehicle, so we offer a great swath of size options:

Standard License Plate - 6" x 12"

A plate with these measurements is the US standard, so it’s what you’ll find on all cars across the country.

Motorcycle/Golf Cart/Scooter Plate - 4" x 7"

These smaller dimensions are perfect for smaller vehicles or for taking up less space on your wall. It’s your choice!

Bicycle/Wheelchair/Walker - 3" x 6"

Going even smaller, a 3” x 6” plate fits where the others don’t, like under a bike seat, on the back of a wheelchair, or even mounted on a walker.

Ornament/Decoration - 2.2" x 4"

These custom license plates are quite the little cuties! You can use them as Christmas tree ornaments or for simple decoration. You could even put one on the back of a large R/C car to give it even more of a realistic flair!

Half Sized - 4.5" x 12"

Even if you’ve got a design that will only work on half of a standard license plate, you’re still covered with Smart Blonde on your side!

European Plate - 4.5" x 20.5"

Don’t worry, our European friends! You can order fun, custom novelty license plates, too! In case the size needs translating for the “metrically inclined,” these plates measure 11.43 cm x 52.07 cm.

Australian Plate - 5.25" x 14.5"

Just because you’re the Land Down Under doesn’t mean you’re not important to us, Australia! You’re represented all the same!

License Plate Strip Wood Sign

We can take any of our state-shaped plates (of which we have all 50), cut them into vertical strips with any letter, number, or another character you like, and arrange them to spell a phrase, word, date, or other messages on a wood backing, and it looks super cool!

2. Sign Sizes/Shapes

When you’re curating your decor, you need to pick the right items that make the perfect visual flow. In other words, the size of your custom sign needs to fit the space on your wall or wherever you’re mounting it!

Large Parking Sign - 12" x 18"

It’s pretty likely that you’ve seen these large parking signs as you park your car. Usually, they tell you where it’s okay to park and what the penalties are if you park there at the wrong time, but you can have one made with whatever message you want!

Small Parking Sign - 9" x 12"

There’s not much to say here: It’s the same idea as the large parking sign, just smaller!

Mini Parking Sign - 4.5" x 6"

If our small parking signs are just not quite tiny enough, say no more.

Street Sign - 5" x 24"

Indeed, we can make these look like real street signs, just in case you’ve always wanted to live on "MAN CAVE RD" or "SHE SHED BLVD."

Small Street Sign - 4" x 18"

A smaller size street sign is just the thing if you need to save on wall space!

Circular Sign - 12" x 12"

So far, all the custom novelty license plates and signs we’ve mentioned have been in the standard rectangle shape, but here’s where that ends! If you’ve got a circular design in mind, we’ve got a fantastic template for your ideas to grow from!

Highway Shield Sign - 11.5" x 11.5"

Whether you want to live life in the fast lane of your own highway or just want a really neat design on a typical highway shield, Smart Blonde’s on the case!

Stop Sign - 12" x 12"

Sure, having an actual STOP sign is a cool novelty, but why not change the message? You could even throw on a cool, original graphic. Don’t stop! The sky’s the limit!

Home State Metal Letter Bundle

The word “HOME” tends to look way cooler when you replace the “O” with the shape of your home state. In our letter bundle, we provide you with four metal tiles — the H, M, E, and a tile with the silhouette of your home state!

3. Other Items

Maybe you’re looking for something more than some custom novelty license plates or signs. There’s no need to look elsewhere! Here are some other items you can get personalized with Smart Blonde:

Keychain - 1.5" x 3"

You can personally design your very own keychain, complete with a pre-drilled hole in the corner for easy keyring mounting. The metal ring is wrapped when shipping, so it won’t scratch your work of art!

License Plate Tag Frame

If you’ve already ordered a custom license plate from us, get the frame to go with it! Our tag frames are designed to fit our standard 6" x 12" plates.

Sticker Decals

Maybe you need something a bit more flexible to slap onto a surface. In that case, our vinyl sticker decals are the perfect solution, and they come in the following four sizes:

  1. Small 25% Scale - 1.5" x 3"
  2. Medium 50% Scale - 3" x 6"
  3. Large 75% Scale - 4.5" x 9"
  4. X-Large 100% Scale - 6" x 12"

They’re durable, and they won’t mark up the surface when you go to peel them off.

Coasters/Dog Tags/Magnets

At Smart Blonde, we love making cool things out of aluminum, and you’re the recipient of that love! You can get custom-designed aluminum coasters in sets of four that have cork on the bottom to protect your coffee table surface, or you can get dog tags, complete with 18" chains and rubber outer guards. As for the magnets, they are a sheet of aluminum with a magnetic strip stuck on the back, making them simple, elegant, and fun.

Why Choose Smart Blonde?

Several things make us special, actually!

1. We Put Customers First

We know every business says that, but we can prove it. Without you, we wouldn’t get to do what we do or earn a living, and we don’t take that opportunity for granted.

2. Orders Ship in 24 to 48 Hours

Now, this is what we’re talking about! Even your custom orders will be out the door within two days of your order, meaning you can get them into your hands quickly.

3. Same/Next Day Shipping

If you want your order as fast as possible, we can fast-track it with same or next-day shipping. Many people order these plates and signs as gifts for the holidays, so we often go out of our way to make sure you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary.

4. Free Shipping

Yep! We offer free shipping!

5. We Have Excellent Customer Service

No one wants cranky, unhelpful customer service. After all, you’re spending good, hard-earned money on a novelty license plate, so it makes sense to want straight answers about your order.

6. Amazing Quality

You can expect Smart Blonde products to last. The graphics on your custom license plates and signs will look sharp and crisp when they arrive and will continue to do so for years to come.

Order Your Custom Plates and Signs from Smart Blonde Today!

Spruce up the den or surprise a loved one with a cool gift and order a custom sign or license plate. Whether you use our handy-dandy, web-based customizer tool to design your plate or sign or upload a graphic of your own, you’re going to love the final product. Whether you’re ready to order or need to talk to us first, Smart Blonde is here for you!
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