Drop Ship CVS Downloadable File

Drop Ship Downloadable .CSV Data File with Photo URL's
Click Here for .CSV Data File created 08/14/20

This data file will be update as needed when new product are added. This file will always contain all of our product codes, product names and product descriptions. It will also contain a link for each product's individual photo. If you use this URL to display the photos on your site, and the design changes, the photos will automatically update to the new design immediately. This feature will save you time maintaining photo images and design changes. Any new products added after the creation date will be added in the next scheduled update.

• Download the file to your desktop, modify the column names to agree with your application and then upload the .csv file to your eCommerce and/or auction sites.

• Because all sites vary, we apologize that our staff is unable at this time to offer any technical support applying this file to your eCommerce or auction site.

• In the event you need instructions for uploading to your site instructions for your specific application can be found by a simple Google search.

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